Tracy Dinh has been doing eyelash extensions in Los Angeles, for over 3 years. Born inVietnam, "Tracy" is a spin on her birth name "Trang" which translated means, "Exotic Flower", a flower that comes in many beautiful, bright exotic colors. A name fitting for Tracy who has superior skill and has truly mastered the art of eyelash extensions. A fashion designer by  trade,Tracy worked in the fashion industry for 18 years. Due to her health, Tracy decided to take a sabbatical from the fashion industry and went to work, managing her family's salon in Westwood. It was during that time, Tracy learned to do eyelash extensions. Since then she has worked with some of Hollywood and the music industries elite celebrities. After working for other lash bars, Tracy has moved up and forward in her career, with a place of her own. Like the meaning of her birth name, Tracy will make your lashed looking beautiful and exotic. She can do most any look you desire, whether it's "au natural" to "bold and exotic" or just somewhere in-between, Tracy does not disappoint!


Lashes By Tracy